Training & Development for Business

Our offers are research-based and experiential. They are designed to empower and equip leaders on all levels with the knowledge and tools needed to meet the challenges of the digital transformation.



Strategic intuition & Effective Decision-making

Fostering insights, cognitive flexibility & creative solutions through research-based strategies 


  • Neuroscience of strategic- & executive intuition

  • Current research on decision making under uncertainty & risk

  • Practical exercises to foster divergent thinking

  • Methods to strengthen cognitive fluidity

  • Process tools to increase creativity & allow emergence of insights


Agile Mindset & Mindful Leadership

Developing awareness of internal processes to fuel innovation, creativity & a sense of ease.


  • Neuroscience of mindfulness & perceptual processes

  • Practical exercises to train presence & awareness

  • Participatory methods to increase creative solution finding

  • Tools to increase body awareness for decreased reactivity and increased resilience


Mindful Communication & Conflict Transformation

Training communication, conflict - and diversity sensitivity.