I'm Dr. Laura Francesca Mega

    I offer trainings in executive intuition, agile mindset development & mindful awareness, with a focus on compassionate communication, conflict- and diversity sensitivity. 

    My curricula are designed to empower you to strategically access your intuition in complex decision environments, re-gaining a sense of ease & creative potential.

    Through embodying intuition we can experience the transformative power of

    • Coming home to ourselves by strengthening the connection between body and mind.
    • Cutting through the layers of mind chatter and distraction, by attending to the signals of our bodies.
    • Shifting perspectives to fuel imagination, creativity and value-based decision making

    Having studied the unconscious processes of the mind scientifically as well as through various mindfulness philosophy and practices, my work combines these wells of knowledge to best serve you on your individual journey. I am passionate about creating spaces, exploring unusual avenues, finding patterns & connecting people - to themselves and each other.