Dr. Laura Francesca Mega

Dr. Laura Francesca Mega

NEUROSCIENce consultant · mindset change & mindfulness coach.

Dr. Mega's experience fuses contemporary neuroscience and philosophy of mind with extensive knowledge of modern contemplative practices.

Francesca holds a masters in biology and a PhD in neuroscience. Her graduate studies are on the functional characteristics and embodied aspects of intuitive decision making. Most recently, Francesca researched intuitive judgments, emotions and embodiment as Einstein Associate Fellow with Prof. Jesse Prinz, at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. 

Their path of personal inquiry is rooted in Hatha Yoga and Zen Buddhism and she continues to study Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness principles with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. After years of personal practice, Francesca also recently trained as Yin Yoga teacher at Element Yoga Berlin.

Complementing these skills, they have been studying the principles of non-violent communication through the 'Compassion Course' offered by the New York Center for Non-Violent Communication, for the past 2 years.