Dr. Laura Francesca Mega
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Radically human • FUlly embodied • Playfully curious

We offer impulses, deep dives and consultation to support the mental shift required to thrive in the (working) environments of the future.

The embodied intuition methods enable you to make effective decisions, find creative solutions and become mindful leaders - of yourself and others.


mindset Change

The digital transformation is challenging old paradigms of thinking & working. An intuitive strategy & agile mindset are uniquely capable of handling situations of rapidity, uncertainty & complexity.



Body & emotional awareness are increasingly recognized as opportunities to improve physical and psychological functioning. Strengthen the connection between body and mind, enable emotion regulation & creative problem solving through the skilful use of embodiment and intuition.


Hungry for more in-depth information?

Then these lectures are for you!

Train creative, value-based decision making.

Connect to your passion & purpose.

Understand the mind-body connection.

Shed unnecessary fears & beliefs.

Trust in yourself & your team.

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